The SECTOR game

It started as a fun project, and developed into a really good arcade space-shooter, with a wide choice of weapons and gorgeous explosions.

The game of Sector is about building ships and beating powerful enemies with them. It comes with a bunch of challenge levels with shared leader-boards, so you can compare your results with people all over the world!

Sector image

Something about the game

Just to put this story into the historical context: the first ideas about making Sector arrived to me in the summer of 2012, and I continued developing the game until the spring of 2013.

The latest version, 1.7, is pretty much the final product.

The silly plans

I started coding Sector with the idea of making a space adventure, where you build ships, get money to repair them, and then get further, make better ship and so on.

I wanted to make something grand, popular, loved by masses, and make some money of it. Silly indeed.

Why it failed

I soon found that it's easier to say that to do.

Firstly, I made the terrible mistake of choosing XML as a data format. Making levels and AI in XML is great pain, so making more advanced stuff is really hard.

The second reason why the goal was never achieved is that I didn't have the sufficient time and knowledge to code it.

The truth is that I started making the game with absolutely no knowledge of computer graphics, more so of OpenGL. That's why the graphics are just GL1.2, and really clumsy.

But it's fun anyway!

All in all, I think Sector is a decent space shooter, and even if it doesn't have the adventure mode, it is still a lot of fun. Not even I can beat some (or most) of the scores people have made over the time.

Let's go challenge the space monsters, build the best ship and show them who's the Master of Cosmos!