Ondřej Hruška

Hello there!

I'm a student at the CTU in Prague, working my way through the Master's programme Cybernetics and Robotics: Sensors and instrumentation. I'm not a big fan of control theory, so I picked the Sensors specialisation, which has the least of this complicated math. There's no escape, though. Only 2 more years and I'm freeeeee[1]

While not wasting my time on the net, I work on software projects and play with embedded electronics (you can find some of that in the Articles section). I also frequently deal with PHP and Javascript, more out of neccessity than from the love for either. Most of my code is freely available on GitHub.

This site is a place for my projects, rants and tutorials, which you can navigate using the button at the top.

I apologize for the lack of content, got a huge backlog of stuff to put here, but... Soon™


[1] That is, if I make it…