Sector 1.7 (beta)

What's new?

Beta 1.7 is a huge bugfix which focuses on correcting known bugs in 1.6 and earlier.

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Summary of changes

For full list of changes, see Changelog.

+ fixed entities disappearing, infinite waiting loop after shark and similar problems
+ fixed EMPs and Rockets not exploding
+ (probably) fixed bug with "IllegalArgumentExeption: Comparison method violates its general contract!"
+ leaderboard should no longer show "-1st place" if connection was lost.

Sector's data folder is .sector, similar to Minecraft.
Saved ships can be found in .sector/ships.


Minimal requirements: Java 6, OpenGL 1.2, 200MB memory
Sector won't work with bad graphic cards and on too old computers.


If you encounter any problems, get the log from .sector/Sector.log and post it on our forum.

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