Reviewing Android apps with GSuite

GSuite (formerly GApps) users can't, since some time in 2018, rate or review Android apps on Google Play.

There are several discussions and articles about this:

Google failed to give any explanation, which hardly surprises me anymore. Customers are in the last place of their priority list, and paying customers get the worst service of all. It's only ads and snooping on people these days.

Weird strategy from Google

There are speculations that this problem might be related to GDPR, but that doesn't make sense when free accounts can still rate apps without a problem. It could also be a bug.

Google is trying to steal the cake from competitors like Microsoft and Slack, but meanwhile they completely neglect their customers, paying ones or not. I don't really understand the business logic here—and this is not the first case either.

I was one of the unfortunate early adopters who got Google Apps for Your Domain around 2006, when it was free. This was later upgraded to a free GApps and later GSuite subscription. It has never brought any good to me, to be honest. New features are added late to the business suite, if ever, and some features are broken and left unfixed for years. Sadly, migrating to the free plan is impossible, or at least not without losing your Play Store purchases.

App rating work-around

Whether caused by a bug or some inexplicable malice on Google's part, they left us a loophole. I found this trick mentioned in one of the support threads that Google stubbornly ignores (lucky for us, I guess):

You should now see a blank page with a small text box in the middle. Just write your review and click Submit. You can then edit or delete the review the usual way, from the store page.


Here's a bookmarklet that opens this page when you are on the store page:

Review App - drag this link into your bookmarks and then click the bookmark to run it.


Sadly, it doesn't work in Firefox because of a CSP implementation bug they had since 2013, but it works in Chrome (lol)

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