Testing my new rattan basket. It was time for an upgrade ^_^

Shape is ok, but the bread came out tasting a little sour. sourdough duh

But it’s because of poor planning, I started it too late in the day so it wasn’t ready by the time I went to bed, and in the morning it was "over-proofed".

also forgot to score it, oops

Gonna be more careful next time. It’ll taste better when it cools down, I’m sure

update: it tastes fine after a few hours!

Bread photo data/2019-01-31/2019-01-31%2009.50.29.jpg Bread photo data/2019-01-31/2019-01-31%2009.51.46.jpg Bread photo data/2019-01-31/2019-01-31%2010.58.43%20cover.jpg Bread photo data/2019-01-31/2019-01-31%2011.13.07.jpg

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