This was an attempt to make fake umeboshi.

I made them way too salty and sour, but it was an interesting experiment. I might try it again.

The process took several weeks

Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/01.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/02.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/02b.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/03.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/04.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/05.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/06%20cover.jpg Bread photo data/2019-08-19-umeboshi/07.jpg

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