Homemade tomato paste to use up excess tomatoes.

I got the recipe from someone on fedi:

You could peel the tomatoes, boil them up, let it all simmer to reduce to an intensive tasting extract. Put it through a very fine sieve to get rid of solid matter, if you want. Then freeze it in small portions (e.g. icecube-sized). Perfect base for soups, sauces or to simply being used as a spice for preparing other dishes. If you keep the temperature low to medium-low you only need to stir occasionally to not let it scorch - make sure to really scrape the bottom of the pot while stirring; most people tend to overlook this. It’s actually easy to get a feeling for when/ how often you need to stir. And if your not confident in your skill (really though, there’s no reason for that), try a small test batch first. Give it time until your thin juice becomes as thick as gravy or sauce bolognese - basically, the thicker (as in more concentrated) the more intensive the taste. Think tomato paste.

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