Switching from Twitter to Mastodon

Unless you were in a coma for the last couple months, or live in a cave, you will have heard of Mastodon, the new decentralized, open source Twitter alternative. Is it viable, and should you switch? I’ll try to give some answers.

I’m in the process of completely moving over, but will keep Twitter open for the time being.

The bird’s view

(yes, I guess that’s a pun)


First, what sets Mastodon apart:

Now, you may be curious how this all works with no central server.

It’s quite simple (at least on the surface):

Here’s what the web UI looks like–a bit familiar, huh?

Web UI

And as for sustainability, it’s up to you as a user, really. Most instance admins have a Liberapay or Patreon set up, so you can donate a couple cents a month to keep it afloat. The platform development is financed similarly, and it’s, of course, all open source, so you can instead help with translations, fixing issues, etc.

With enough active users, this might as well work out!

Settling down

If you’re ready to give Mastodon a try:

After registering: