I'm Ondřej Hruška,

Hello there!

I've graduated from electrical engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2018. In my free time I work on various electronics and software projects, specially open-source. Some of my more notable projects are: ESPTerm, GEX, and TinyFrame.

My main languages are C, PHP, Python, and JavaScript. I know Java 7, but haven't used it in years. Recently, I've been forced by circumstances to learn C#, and grew quite fond of it, despite my dislike for its makers. My editor of choice is Nano, or Sublime Text under X. I speak Czech, English, a little Spanish, and am learning Japanese; very slowly. I'm also teaching myself to read sheet music and play it on the piano, with similar success.

What is this place?

I have LiberaPay and PayPal.me, if you'd like to contribute to my beer fund.