I'm Ondřej Hruška,

Hello there!

I've graduated from electrical engineering at the Czech Technical University in Prague in 2018. I presently work as a software engineer / full-stack developer (that is, doing everything because we don't have enough people ;`). I spend my free time working on software and hardware projects, gardening, trying to draw, play the piano, and wasting time on Mastodon the Fediverse. This site is mainly a place for my blog: articles and project logs; it now even has a RSS feed! I speak Czech, English, a little Spanish, and study Japanese (which goes very slowly, as you might expect).

My main programming languages are C, PHP, Python, JavaScript and C# (plus some obscure things like Excel macros, LaTeX, and QBasic). I know Java, but haven't used it in years (and my Java 7 skills are now surely obsolete). My editor of choice is Nano. I use Arch Linux, a platform I converged to after about 10 years of distro hopping.

I have LiberaPay and PayPal.me, if you'd like to send me some beer money. I am, of course, always grateful for code contributions as well, be it patches sent by e-mail, GitHub pull requests, or even just bug reports or ideas.



Here are some of my projects:

I've also built a number of demos and toys with STM32 and AVR microcontrollers; there isn't much documentation about these, but you may find the source code and perhaps schematics on GitHub.