I'm Ondřej Hruška,

Welcome to my site!

This server hosts many things:

Less important but cool nonetheless:

See also bits.ondrovo.com, ESPTerm, TinyFrame

About Me

I'm Czech, not long out of the university (graduated FEE CTU in Prague in spring 2018). I work with embedded electronics and develop open source software (and closed source, gotta make ends meet). You can find some of these projects on my Gitea and GitHub.

I'm pretty good with C, PHP and JavaScript, but my latest obsession is Rust. Rust is great! You should try it. I do a lot of stuff besides coding, though—gardening & growing things, cooking, baking (see my bread gallery!!), working with wood, learning Japanese ...

Follow my microblog at @piggo@piggo.space if this got you interested; you'll need a fediverse account—start here.

Donations are welcome—try PayPal.me. Used to have LiberaPay here, but it kinda imploded.