I'm Ondřej Hruška,

Welcome to my site!

Things you will find on this server:

also some handy web-based tools:

See also bits.ondrovo.com, ESPTerm, TinyFrame

You can find my university theses here if thats something you want to read.

About Me

I'm Czech, living in Prague. I use and develop open source software and sometimes work with embedded electronics, including circuit and PCB design. I mostly work with Rust, C, PHP and JavaScript. You can find my projects on my Gitea and GitHub.

Beside computer stuff I also like to grow plants, mostly ones that can be eaten. I also enjoy cooking and baking, and as for sports its mostly cycling to work, if that counts.

This blog is a bit disused because I mostly post stuff on pleroma. You can follow me at @piggo@piggo.space from any compatible server (e.g. running Mastodon). I don't have Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.