Welcome to my site. My name is Ondřej Hruška, I’m Czech and live in Prague. I work in software development and as a hobby I mess with embedded electronics, hardware, 3D printing and other such fun. From time to time I also partake in baking and gardening, particularly growing herbs and plants that can be eaten.

You will find some some old and newer articles here, web tools and open source projects of varying quality and utility, and copious amounts of poor grammar and typos. Make yourself at home. Use the links above to browse the blog section of this site, or check the highlighted links below. If you want more real-time updates, follow me on fedi at @piggo@piggo.space.

This site is a relic of the past when everyone had a personal web and used forums. It site does not aim to be a CV or a portfolio, I just put stuff here when I feel like it. I’ve been continuously rebuilding and redesigning this web since 2005, currently it’s fully static and compiled using Hugo.

I made many Minecraft mods, but didn’t keep up with updates and they don’t work anymore.
Including: Conveyor Belts, PowerCraft, Magic Wands, Backpack, Checkpoints, Potatoes. That’s right, I added Potatoes before Mojang!