Easy Pho Recipe Really easy Pho Ga recipe with (mostly) western ingredients 2019-10-09
Blocking rap on Spotify A script that auto-skips music you don't like using MPRIS 2019-03-02
Vintage theme for Okular Okular config for easy reading that also looks super cool 2019-02-24
Reviewing Android apps with GSuite Explaining how to bypass Google's block on Android app reviews with GSuite account 2019-02-17
Introducing: Bread Gallery Check out my new sub-blog dedicated to sourdough bread! 2019-02-03
Kitchen renovation: New cooker and a stand for it Project log: building a stand for my new cooker, which also doubles as a great storage space 2019-01-19
Bird feeder Project log: building a bird feeder 2018-12-10
Making quince cheese This is basically a recipe for quince cheese that I tried 2018-10-20
Building a kitchenware rack Project log: building a kitchenware rack from some planks 2018-10-15
Fruit & herbs drying racks Project update - building IVAR shelves compatible drying racks 2018-09-30
Painting IKEA chairs Project update - giving the cheapest IKEA chairs some spirit 2018-09-20
Improving the NORDEN gateleg table Learn how to bring the IKEA's NORDEN gateleg table (close) to perfection 2018-09-16
Customizing Fork Awesome Showing my tool to compile custom subsets of Fork Awesome, the libre continuation of Font Awesome 2018-07-15
Cucamelons: Seed to Harvest Gardening story of my first time growing cucamelons 2018-07-15
First prototype PCB for GEX GEX update: The boards are finally here, and they work! 2018-03-08
STM32 Touch Sense Testing the STM32 touch sensing controller with GEX 2018-02-25
SD card adapter hack: A sheet music light! Extracting power from an SD card piano slot to build a LED lamp 2017-12-11
GEX experiment: RGB ambient lights Dynamic ambient screen backlight with GEX, Neopixels and a X11 screen capture utility written in C 2017-12-11
Introducing: GEX A first look at my USB GPIO Expander project 2017-12-08
Switching from Twitter to Mastodon Some useful info about the platform and my observations and tips regarding the switch 2017-06-10
Don't buy this cheap FTDI adapter! It's so cheap, you can't afford it 2017-03-18
Wireless Terminal with ESP8266 Project: a serial terminal accessed over WiFi, and a little breadboard adapter for it 2017-03-16
Determining the ESP8266 power consumption Accurate measurements with proper lab equipment to characterise the ESP8266 power demands 2017-02-07
ESP8266 killing itself? Trying to deal with the weird undervoltage self-destruction glitch 2017-02-05
Getting started with STM8 on Linux Set up the tools and blink a LED with your new STM8! 2017-01-07
A first look at the STM8 Could this sub-dollar STM8 board from eBay replace Arduino? 2017-01-05
No Man's Sky 1.1 - first observations What went wrong with the game, and does the new update fix it? 2016-12-04
How to reduce systemd stop timeouts Get rid of unstoppable systemd countdowns on shutdown, once and for all! 2016-09-18
Fixing TTY resolution with proprietary NVIDIA drivers How to fix screen resolution after installing proprietary NVIDIA drivers 2016-09-17
Chobot Vibrating robot on octopus legs, with photopopper circuit. 2011-11-09
Trainbot Simple train-like bot powered by a battery. 2009-06-26
Symet Symetrical robot that should change direction upon impact 2009-06-26
Flasher Bot that flashes a LED, with a step-up DC/DC converter. 2009-06-14
Helios Simplest bot, that never leaves sunlight. 2009-06-13
Spinbot "What bot? All I see is blur!" 2009-06-13
Kartabot Solar toothbrush. Admit it, you always wanted one! 2009-05-12