Painting IKEA chairs

Here’s a project update from Sep 2018, when I moved to my own place and started furnishing it, largely from IKEA. I remembered to post this going through my photos backlog in Feb 2019, so the article is a bit back-dated. But anyway, here it comes

IVAR chairs. You may know IVAR from IVAR shelves, but it’s actually a whole line-up of cheap wooden furniture.

I got these chairs because I’m a cheapskate, but also they seemed quite OK.

I started by similating the paint in GIMP. Here’s the source XCF if you want to try it.

Visualisation of the three painting variants

I went for the green seat + backrest version after a lot of layer switching in GIMP, asking on Mastodon, asking my sister… I’m awful at simple choices.

Anyway here’s pics from painting the chairs on my balcony:

A note about the paint used. I didn’t know how to do it right, so I just painted it and let it dry–but the surface got all rough. Turned out you’re supposed to snand it down a bit and then you can add another layer. I did two layers and finished it up with transparent varnish. With all the paint used, ruined brushes etc, maybe I should’ve just gone for the more expensive chairs… but it was educational.