Fruit & herbs drying racks

After I got my IVAR shelves, I decided to add a set of fruit and herb drying racks to them. You can’t buy these in IKEA, I built them myself. It was really quite simple, so here’s just some pics.

First, the shelves; the apartment looks horrible, empty like this. I didn’t even have a bed when I did this, go figure. It’s much cozier now (writing this in Feb 2019, after I remembered I never blogged this, oops). Shelves, behold:

Yeah the piano isn’t ideal, but for my beginner playing it’s OK. I don’t play the first and last octaves.

Back to the racks. I wanted to take advantage of the existing pre-drilled holes, so the guide rail is composed of one L profile and a straight piece of wood it’s nailed to. This was perhaps the hardest part of the rack project. You have to be precise, or it won’t hold in place properly. Just screwing it there would’ve been cheaper and easier… and maybe even work better. oh well

The removable “drawers” were really easy to make. You can buy the net in any good hardware store, and you could also do it much simpler than I did. Kinda got carried away doing it “properly”.

Here’s some more photos–you can see rose hips drying there. The tea from them is 👌