Kitchen renovation: New cooker and a stand for it

I finally got fed up with the old cooker that was in the kitchen (see pic) and bought a more modern one. However, there was a small problem: the old cooker was embedded into a kind of metal box that served as a storage space. Very poorly designed one, because you couldn’t quite reach to the back, and a lot of space was wasted under it as well. But importantly, it filled the hole next to the kitchen cupboards and a wall. That was gone now. What do??

Of course I reached for my usual solution and started designing a replacement. I’m getting quite good a this, just if I could use proper tools. Hand-cuting all these planks, drilling with a portable drill etc, it’s prone to errors. Anyway, it turned out quite okay.

Planning with a CAD

I used this project as an excuse to try FreeCAD. It’s not easy, has some bugs, but I think it’s one of the best free options at the moment.


Here’s some progress pictures (apologies for the quality, the phone camera just gives up in low light)

I didn’t use any screws in the entire build, it all holds together with wooden pins and glue. I’m quite pleased with that fact. It feels more right, somehow.

I’m thinking of maybe adding some cloth so it doesn’t look so open, but it could get in the way.

At any rate, it’s very functional, and I think it a big success! The small space under the cooker was never used so well.