The IKEA lamp “TÄRNABY” with the vintage style bulb is really nice when you want to build cozy atmosphere. The design is based on classic kerosene lamps and there’s even a dimmer knob simulating wick length adjustment—just without the stench and soot.

Well, this article isn’t meant to just praise the lamp, it’s about how I modded it to better suit my needs. The dimmer knob is on the side of the lamp. Depending on your particular arrangement, that may be just what you want, or it may be really awkward, the thick power cord wrapped around the lamp, knob hard to reach, etc.

I decided to move the knob to the other side. The knob can’t really be moved, I didn’t even figure out how to detach it, but you can easily move the power cord instead. Einstein would approve. It’s really simple, all it takes is to drill a new hole. No soldering needed - the cables are connected by crimp caps that can be re-used (with some luck). If you press them with pliers from the right side, the cap opens again. Just don’t do it too many times or the metal will crack.

I also printed a plastic grommet so the cable doesn’t brush itself on the metal edges. It looks kinda meh, like anything 3D printed without post-processing, but it does the trick. Quick things like this is what really vindicates getting a 3D printer.

Naturally, the warranty is now void. Who cares