Introducing: Bread Gallery

If you follow my microblog rambling, you know I spent several evenings and a weekend with a brand new silly side project: Bread Gallery

The gallery can be found here: www.ondrovo.com/bread

It’s fully static, generated by a Rust script. Just because. There’s no good reason to do this in Rust; but yeah, it’s really fast because of it–and I didn’t even multi-thread it yet.


About bread

I started baking my own bread just after moving out, as you can see when you look at the oldest bread’s date - September 2018. Since then I maintain a sourdough starter culture and very rarely buy bread from the store.

Mind, Czech bread is very good, when you buy a fresh one. Rye flour is also quite expensive, so there’s no economic advantage in baking your own bread. It’s just a hobby, I do it for fun. It’s really quite exciting, though–when you ate industrial bread your entire life and suddenly discover this whole sourdough business.

I literally just buy flour and spice. The sourdough culture grew BY ITSELF from rye flour. You just mix some flour with water and let it sit on the counter for a week, sometimes adding flour and water to feed it. It’s like magic.

I invite you to visit the bread gallery and flip through the pages. There are notes about each bread, sometimes more photos, and you can watch how the culture matures, how I learn to bake better, and so on. If you’re into this, there’s a RSS feed to subscribe to. Never miss a loaf!

And of course I also invite you to start baking sourdough bread too! It’s super fun!
There’s many websites dedicated to this that will guide you through the process. Just search… it’s out there. A whole bread universe is waiting for you